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Look After Pearl

Up until now, I have used the Blog on the Faith Heroines Alive website as a place to give information about the drama ministry.  Having realized that the other tabs on the website are better for that purpose, I will start using the Blog as a place to publish a blog.  Brilliant!  Just kidding.  I’m a slow learner.  Here is a poem I wrote recently when challenged by a contest sponsored by Frontline for Justice, an organization formed to fight human trafficking.



Look after Pearl

“Can we move to another table?”

I said to my friend.  “it’s that guy.”

“Sure,” she said, “Is he bothering you?”

“Yeah, he looks funny, and I,..”


“No problem, I see a place there by the door,”

We picked up our drinks and new shoes,

Settled into a cozy brown leather nook

To catch up on each other’s news.


“I’ve been trying to figure out what to do –

About my neighbor,” I told her.

My eyes teared up, I think, since she said,

“Go on, you can cry on my shoulder.”


“Oh, I probably shouldn’t be that upset.

It’s the tacky RV in his driveway.

He said it would be there for only a week,

But it’s been there two weeks and a day.”


“What will you do?” she asked me,

“Well, I told him it can’t stay there.

He says his son will move it soon,

But honestly, it’s so unfair!”


Then I thought I might be complaining too much,

And it’s more fun to laugh, Heaven knows,

So the talked turned to daughters and pedicures

While our mothers still wear pantyhose.


I did ask my friend what she thought of the gal

At church who’d been asked to sing

When I had offered first, so I wondered,

“Don’t my feelings count for something?”


She was looking away toward the man,

The one I didn’t want near me.

“I think he’s blind, he’s got a dog.”

“Oh my gosh. Hope that he didn’t hear me.”


“It’s been great to get together,” she said,

“For shopping and a chance to chat.”

“Don’t worry.  Your feelings matter to me

And to God.  I do know that.”


I thought she probably meant it,

But she also just wanted to go,

And I had a meeting I’d said I’d attend,

Just this once, I’m so busy, you know.


The traffic was bad.  I was late to walk in,

And the video at first was spinning.

I thought I could maybe just slip out the back

After this uninspiring beginning.


But then it came through and there on the screen

Was a beautiful thin Asian girl,

Or maybe a woman, I couldn’t quite tell,

They said they would call her Pearl.


They showed where Pearl lived,

They told how she survived.

She could not even trust

That help might have arrived.


That men would hurt Pearl

Was a fact of her life.

Every day after day

Pearl had lived through such strife.


Pearl did not know what it meant

To have feelings.

But I was distraught

My emotions were reeling.


I started to sob,

I didn’t know why.

What good did it do

To sit here and cry?


“Oh, God, are you there?

Do Pearl’s feelings matter?

And then I remembered

All my stupid chatter.


“Father, forgive me,

For I have forgotten

The lost and the friendless,

The putrid, the rotten,


The places where comfort

Can never be felt.

Oh, Father, forgive me,

My heart wants to melt.”


“I forgive you,” God spoke,

“But I’ve got some news.

Get off your knees

And take back those shoes.


Stop fretting about

Things you cannot control.

Use your time, thoughts, and money

To make others whole.


Stop judging people

Based on how they look.

Come to me for direction,

It’s all in the Book.


Though you are getting old

You’re a selfish vain girl.

Now you’ve got your orders.



Her feelings matter.

The Cross proves they do.

Jesus died there for Pearl

And He died there for you.”
















Each Faith Heroine’s “theme” and information about shorter monologues

I answered a question today from a church leader planning an event with a faith heroines monologue at the center of their program. I thought the answer might be of interest to others.:

“Here is some information about the shorter presentations – First the Corrie Ten Boom shorter monologue. It is a abridged version of a sermon Corrie delivered titled “Effectual Fervent Prayer”. The main message of the sermon is to pray and to trust because there is no problem so small that God’s love does not apply, and no problem so big that God’s power is not sufficient. This message has been very appreciated when I have performed it. The longer Corrie monologue is more biographical and focuses more on the need to trust Jesus and forgive those who have hurt us.

For the other monologues, the shorter versions are just less detailed narratives of the longer monologues. Sometimes a group has a limit of 20, 25, or 30 minutes, so I simply reduce the story but still try to deliver the message that each faith heroine would have wanted her audience to hear.

The basic message themes for each of all the faith heroines is as follows:

Corrie Ten Boom: “There is no pit so deep that the love of Jesus is not deeper still.”

Gladys Aylward: “God is always God” (never incapable of doing what must be done.)

Darlene Deibler Rose: “He will never leave you or forsake you.”

Ida Scudder: “The greatest of these is love” (From 1 Corinthians 13)

Margaret Brand: “You can’t out-give God.”

Betty Ann Olsen: “There is perfect peace at the center of God’s will.”

Lilias Trotter: “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.”

I hope that helps you. The stories have a lot in common in that all these women lived challenging lives and saw God at work. The testimonies inspire just by the example set by the women, with or without a “theme”. Some of the stories involve more tragic circumstances than others, with the most tragic being the story of Betty Ann Olsen, who died while in captivity in Vietnam. Her story is known because of a fellow captive who survived and came home to tell the story. In spite of the sad ending, it also has been very well-received. All the rest of the women lived normal lifespans, in spite of hardships, and all were known to have shared their testimonies with groups just like yours. So I am in the enviable position as an actress of having to be a speaker imitating a speaker!”

Mission statement

The mission statement of Faith Heroines Alive is –

1.  to strengthen the faith of all listeners in the Lord Jesus – He who can and will lead them through life’s toughest situations.

2.  to pay tribute to some wonderful heroines of the Christian faith and to establish a “personal” connection between these heroines and the audiences.

3.  to offer this drama ministry to any group who will be blessed by it, trusting that God will provide the resources.

4.  to share the resources as generously as possible with men and women who are today living out their faith in heroic fashion, teaching people about Jesus around the world.

The Joy

As I read the stories of different heroines of the Christian faith, I come up with one recurring theme – the ability they had to praise and trust God in the midst of trouble, and not just ordinary troubles, but life-threatening persecution and trial.

I wish I had faced some fairly minor crises in my life years ago with as much strength and dignity as these women faced their losses.  It is my hope in bringing these heroines to life that young women will catch on.  That they will know deeply that God can be trusted – that they will not panic or complain about life’s adventurous course, even when the adventure is disguised as the humdrum routine many must follow, just to pay the mortgage, get along with a husband, and keep the children safe, nourished, loved.

After years of doing it wrong I learned that I could praise God and laugh in the midst of hurt and sadness, and I received confirmation that I believe was divine in nature.  The grief I was dealing with was profound, so strong as to cripple all joy, and yet I did not want to be useless to my family.  I learned that I could cope best with the despair by singing some chorus, some hymn, over and over, so many times that I would finally begin to laugh at the absurdity of the repetition, and the black cloud would lift. I got hooked on the camp song from my childhood, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.”

I used the singing method most when driving, when there was the greatest need to distract myself from negativity.  One morning as I drove up a winding road on a wooded hill, I passed a spot that brought back many memories related to my loss.  Hit by a tsunami of pain, I thought, “I have to sing.”  I started out, “I’ve got…, I’ve got” and then was hit by a second wave. 

“Lord, I can’t remember the words,” was all I could whisper.  Just as I spoke those words, a car approached over the crest of the hill, with a brightly colored personalized license plate.  The license plate had only two words on it, THE JOY.

In one awesome moment God showed me that praise was my lifeline and that He was very much at the other end of the line.

I pray that my story as well as the stories of the faith heroines I share will help you with the difficulties you are facing, that you will have the “peace that passes all understanding”.         Susie Tucker

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