Mission statement

The mission statement of Faith Heroines Alive is –

1.  to strengthen the faith of all listeners in the Lord Jesus – He who can and will lead them through life’s toughest situations.

2.  to pay tribute to some wonderful heroines of the Christian faith and to establish a “personal” connection between these heroines and the audiences.

3.  to offer this drama ministry to any group who will be blessed by it, trusting that God will provide the resources.

4.  to share the resources as generously as possible with men and women who are today living out their faith in heroic fashion, teaching people about Jesus around the world.

1 Response to “Mission statement”

  1. 1 Christine Seay

    Susie I spoke with you briefly today and I just wanted to thank you again for appearing at our women’s conference in Lewiston Idaho this weekend. It was a true adventure for me to be drawn into your stories and have a glimpse into these wonderful faith believing women’s lives. I called my husband as soon as I got home and shared my experience with him. We are looking forward to getting the books you referenced so we can read them together.
    May God continue to bless you and your work touching the lives of others.

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